Ride Challenge: The Backroad 150

Talk about that last great ride or perhaps, the next one. Ride reports here.
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In similar to Fateddy's Backroad 350, I'd like to introduce the Backroad 150. The intent with this ride challenge is to get users out riding and for them to document their ride. For the rules, I've used many of those that Fateddy developed but have loosed them up somewhat to encourage participation.

Introducing the Backroad 150.
The challenge for the Backroad 150 is to ride 150 miles within 8 hours, avoiding interstates, causeways, autobahns, or otherwise high-speed roadways. The challenge is not timed and, for safety reasons, no special recognition will be given for fast completion. The point of this challenge is to move away form the notion that you need to get anywhere in a particular hurry, especially while riding. The 8 hour time limit is more to ensure that it's completed in one day, with enough daylight hours to not have to spend too much time in the dark.

Rules for this Challenge
  • Come up with a route totaling 150 miles (241 km) or more. Map it out using Google Maps or other mapping software of your choice. Start a new post in the Onto the Next Adventure forum showing your route and the route's distance. Once you post this, you are officially entering the challenge. The challenge must be completed within 30 days of this post or your entry will be disqualified.
  • Travel the route in 8 hours or less. This is an average speed of about 20 mph so that should allow plenty of time for breaks, fuel ups, meals, maybe even a short nap.
  • Take a picture of your bike in front of as many city, county-line or other locational signs as possible. Pictures make people want to read your post.
  • Interstate/divided highway/high-speed highways must only be used to connect backroads.
  • Don't take shortcuts. What's the point of that? You're on the honor system for the most part. Even though there aren't any consequences for cheating, it would be kind of dumb.
  • Point-to-point, out-and-back, and loops are all acceptable.
  • When you have completed the ride, post a ride report in your initial challenge thread (the one in which you accepted the challenge). Include any other pictures of neat stuff you took along the way.
  • Ride safe and have fun. Take pictures. Get a good meal somewhere.
Successful completion of the challenge will earn you a cool sticker (see below).

Now get out and ride, damnit!

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