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Motorcycle Picture Game

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:46 pm
by i_am_the_koi
Motorcycle Picture Game:

Welcome to XJRider's Motorcycle Picture Game. Accept the challenge. Find the setting. Take the picture. Get out and ride.

Here's how it works: The original poster issues a challenge. As an member, you accept the challenge, find the photo opportunity and post up the photo. First one to meet the challenge issues a new challenge.

Please read the rules.
  1. Name a place or thing to take a picture with your motorcycle
  2. The first person to go out, take and post the picture wins the challenge and picks the next one.
    1. Don't make it impossibly hard (causes game to lag)
    2. Don't make it something we can carry out to bike (household items)
    3. Be specific in your description so there is little confusion about the exact challenge
    4. Group shots accepted, so if with a friend or bump into fellow player(s) at same location just have all bikes in the picture and list all user names in the post
    5. Group shot still only counts for one new challenge so it's up to you to agree on the next challenge
  3. If a picture has been posted but a new challenge has not been picked or the new challenge is a duplicate the current challenge is still active until:
    1. A new challenge has been picked by original poster
    2. Another rider posts another picture satisfying the challenge and picks a new challenge (opportunity for a steal if original post is not waiting for a vote)
  4. After 3 days the person who made the challenge can post their own picture and pick another topic
    1. No points for completing your own challenges
    2. A new challenge can be voted down with 3 no votes within 1 day of the new challenge post
    3. If a new challenge is voted down the original poster has 1 day to post a new challenge
    4. If challenge voted down and no new challenge picked, first of top 3 players to login can pick new challenge on day 100
  5. If a challenge is not met after 1 week and the original poster has not named a new challenge then the first of the top 3 players to login can name a new challenge
  6. If a picture is in dispute it needs 3 yes votes to be accepted
    1. The photo must clearly be an attempt at the challenge (no conspiracy wins, no photoshop)
    2. 3 "no" votes means the picture is not accepted and current challenge stands
  7. After any comment, please put the current challenge at the bottom so everyone can stay up to date
  8. Pictures must be taken while you are off of the bike
  9. Pictures must be taken after the challenge has been posted
    1. Rare exceptions such as pictures taken on the same day before the challenge may be accepted only by 100 acceptance votes
  10. The following challenges are not allowed:
    1. Action shots
    2. Challenges involving other people
    3. Duplicate challenges
      • Following original game, variations are accepted: different types of street signs, different types of restaurants, etc.. no generic duplicates like a bridge
    4. Illegal challenges

    [center]** This game will also be considered completed after 250 challenges **[/center]

    * Please remember: this is just a game! always ride safely, always wear gear and do not get distracted from focusing on riding your motorcycle by thinking about capturing the next challenge. play safely and ride to play again.

First Challenge: Your bike and a Veterinary office (( I will post an example picture and then start to play once one of you completes the challenge.))