Transparent Carburetor Float Bowl???? Anyone wanna 3D print for us??

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Lookin' Around
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Hi everyone.

Long time lurker here. After 4 years I am finally ready to get my Seca on the road. Maybe lol.

Recently I purchased a cheaper carb rebuild kit from cheapbay. I really only needed new gaskets but hey back up parts are backup parts right? WRONG!!!!

I messed up and replaced the float needles as well. And as expected they are out of spec. they are too skinny and getting caught while the gas tries to push the float up. This leads to the gas continually flowing and flooding everything. No worries though. I did catch this and sucked out all ports and did another oil change lol. I also left the carbs off for 4 days to allow evap to do its thing hopefully.

Anyway. All this lead me down the rabbit hole of trying the diagnose the problem with the carbs off the bike. After 4 days and a gallon of liquid gold later, I figured it out and decided to just go with K&L kits to replace.

But over the course of 4 days, I came across Transparent Carburetor Float Bowls on CheapBay. I found them for all the normal carbs that are still in use today and OF COURSE for the Harley guys. They seem to 3D printed by hero's who ran into the same problem I did. So back to the original question.

WHO WILL BE MY..... NO ..... OUR HERO????

Who will go through the pain staking work or taking 120 pictures at 360 angles to create and 3D print float bowls that can be used if "anyone" is ever tempted by the harlot that is cheapbay ever again.? (FOR SALE OF COURSE) Or maybe go through the painstaking measurements required to build a working model through CAD and make the file available (FOR A FEE OF COURSE)

Thank you in advance
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