Top end/Engine Rebuild kit?

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Good Morrning, I am trying to work towards sourcing multiples of the parts and kits I will need ahead of time for rebuilding both 93 and 94 XJ600S.

For starters I tried using the search function but didn't have any luck.

I remember wanting to rebuild the top end/motor on mine as I think I remember cylinder 3 having poor compression. And while I'm at it ill do both bikes.

I'm not having any luck on Google or ebay for a "93 Yamaha XJ600 Seca ll engine rebuild kit"

Is there any info or link around here for a kit that works for our bikes? I figure rhe piston heads and rings could be ordered by size (not sure what the sizes are) . But the gasket kits and seals would need to be specific. I feel like there's got to be a Write Up on rebuilding the top end at least but I didnt have any luck in the search query.

The previous own also cross threaded or forced the wrong spark plug into cylinder 3 that we figure out after I already owned the bike so I think some metal shavings got in there way back when and thats why I always had trouble tuning that cylinder to the 450° temp and it always seemed to make less power than my brothers XJ. I will either re tap/repair the head when its off or just get a replacement from here/Ebay.

Any help is greatly appreciated as always.

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