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So today whilst I was on my lunch at work I got talking to one of the many bikers that visit the area that I work in. Turned out he was an instructor and was taking a group of new riders out this evening. The times matched up for me leaving work so I asked if he would mind me tagging along.

Now I don’t group ride very often but when I do, it’s largely with more experienced riders than myself so it was an interesting dynamic change. At various points throughout the ride I noticed the same mistakes that I made back when I started riding and it really struck home how much I’ve improved myself as a rider since those days.

We had a great ride, lasted around an hour and a half, taking in some great scenery and just having a bit of fun.

As I said I predominantly ride solo, to and from work, so breaking that up with a bit of group riding can’t be a bad thing and if I can pass on any pointers to the newer riders to hopefully avoid them making some of the same mistakes I did and avoid some of the accidents I’ve had.. All the better!
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