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We have just moved the XJRider site to a new server. Radare has made a herculean effort to create and sustain this site for many years and is now taking a step back. However, the forum is too valuable to drop. So, it is now housed on one of my servers and we will (hopefully) be able to enjoy it for years to come.

The move has just happened and so there will probably be things that are not running entirely flawless yet. So, please bear with me as I address those. I will include a list here and I will address them over time. If you have any things that you notice, please let me know in this topic, so I can address them.

Also, a forum is a costly thing to run. I am open to suggestions on how to cover the costs. Also, if there are programmers/admins/writers/journalists among everyone on this forum and you want to help out, please let me know. The community needs you. ;)

Currently in progress:
- The Chevereto gallery is not operational yet. There is a glitch somewhere and I am working on that.
- The new safety certificates can only be applied after the site has transferred to the new server, so it might show unsafe for a bit the coming 24 hours or so.
- It has happened to me that I needed to log in and then log in again. If that happens, let me know.

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