Speedometer issue

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New to XJR
New to XJR
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Hi all,

Encountering some problems with the speedometer. The pointer is 'all over the place' when speeds exceeds 70km/hr or when accelerating 'fast'.
I'm pretty sure it started when I changed the front wheelbearings and steering head/stem bearings. The past weeks I spent checking the front end. No mistakes there.

What I've checked:
- Wear on cable
- Order of parts correct
- Direction of part correct
- No visible wear on drive unit nylon? gear
- Free play between cable and drive unit.
- Cable end square and can't be turned when drive unit is manually blocked.

To exclude a defect in the speedometer itself I connected the speedometer cable to a powerdrill. Nice and steady up to 140km/hr. (Drill won't turn faster)
Before I pull the front off again to use a custom made part to 'power' the driver unit like the speedometer clutch does, what else can I check?
Sure, it can be a coincident that an issue with the speedometer itself occured at the same time as i was working on the bike... but for now I don't believe that. Especially after the powerdrill test.

All advice and possible causes are welcome! :)

XJ600S year 2000 @42k km
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