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Good morning/evening all

Yamaha XJ600 1992 Diversion

Long time follower of the finally I'm calling upon you gods to help me diagnose and fix an issue I have recently come across.

When pushing the starter button the engine solonoid clicks, the starter motor turns but she will only fire after a few presses OR if I bump her.

Over the past week I have replaced the stator motor bushes, fitted a new solonoid and made sure my battery was in tip top shape.
I've cleaned the coil contact points, checked the spark plugs. Now I'm just scratching my head.

A little background, I bought her at 36k in 2018 she's now on 50k (serviced religiously as its my daily commuter) only thing I haven't yet done is check valve clearances.

When she's up and running after a bump start if I just tap the starter button she dies. (Which is something I've never come across before on any bike)

When I had the starter motor off, I did check the gear for any fractured or split teeth and they all seemed fine.

Hopefully this all makes sense as I've never written anything like this out before haha.

Thanks in advanced for any and all help. If there are any xj riders around Northwest England who wanna chip in and help out feel free to drop me a message and come around I've got tea and biscuits on tap lol

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