is it true? ( BUZZZZZ)

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New to XJR
New to XJR
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Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:09 pm

[]i hear that TESLA are considering marketing a 'self ride' kit for motorcycles. it would be 'cool' to eat peanuts and read a book while 'buzzing' along the freeway! (the word 'buzzing' is used due to my 92 xj seca11 buzzes', in fact i'd like to register him as 'buzz'.) i havent felt that much buzzing since i got a bee in my shorts, bzzzzzzzz, sting- OUCH! whack! bzzzz..whack. TRUE story!, it was in spain in 1962, riding a 650 triumph a bee flew up my pant leg and stung! i screeched to a stop, dropped my shorts trying to swat the little bugger, and if you were either of the two girls in the vw that almost fell off the road laughing i'd like to ( in my defense) mention that it was a little chilly, so things arent always what they seem! anyway, as long as TESLA observes all legalities, and takes good care of me and 'buzz', i'm in!........triker ps my piaggio scoot is 'piggy', my old suzuki dr500 i bought new in 1981, is FANG. (he does bite, if provoked.)....triker ps, i just remembered working on a triumph, years ago, for a customer, during servicing i noticed loose motor-mount bolts, so i tightened them. the owner came back later and demanded to know why his bike no longer 'buzzed'. and that his girl-friend wouldn't ride on back and no longer 'loved' him! so, reluctantly i loosened the bolts, re-establishing the 'buzz' and his love-life' TRUE STORY!
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Almost as Awesome as Murdock
Almost as Awesome as Murdock
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Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:06 pm

Negative ghost rider. No room to package all of the equipment on a motorcycle and still have a "motorcycle".

Would you really want to remove the playfulness of riding yourself and choose to sit on an relatively uncomfortable seat instead of inside a car?
Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.
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