How fast do you go?

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Re: How fast do you go?

Post by arnehulstein » Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:46 am

Looking back through this topic, I noticed that I have remarked that I had the XJ550 up to 100mph. That was a naked bike. On the Tiger, that is a different story. I've had that at 100mph with the cases on, driving through Germany. And without cases, I've had it up to 125mph without luggage. :)

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Re: How fast do you go?

Post by Posbike » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:18 pm

I am usually in the 55-70 mph range on the highway. 35-40 is the fastest I've felt comfortable going on dirt/gravel roads
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Re: How fast do you go?

Post by AlecJ » Tue May 02, 2017 3:34 am

Here no one sticks to the speed limit! not bikes nor cages town has a 60kph speed but the people go 80-100, highway is 120kph but people drive 140ish

Here the people drive their bikes either with no numberplates or very small plates going 180 to 250kph.

With my xj I do 20kph faster than moving cars in town and on highway I do 140kph fastest I have gone on it was 196kph, we have almost no bends here so opening u is the way to stay awake :oops:
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