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Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:31 pm

So I need to get a riding jacket. I currently live in Oregon but am soon moving to Wisconsin where the summers are much warmer and humid then out here. I actually picked up a Bilt Sporti waterproof textile jacket from cycle gear as it was on sale for $129. Now that I'm thinking about i'm wondering how warm it's going to get in the summer months since it has a waterproof barrier in it that's not removable. This is the one I got: ... web1001095

I was alos looking at this another but they didn't have it in the store. It's a sedici mesh 3-in-1 jacket. Basically a mesh jacket with a thermal liner and a waterproof liner that can be zipped into it. Here's that one: ... web1006292

Am I going to roast in the summer with the one I got or should I get the mesh one instead? I don't plan on riding in the rain (thunder storms in WI) or below say 45-40 degrees as that's too cold and close to winter and snow, ice, and motorcycles don't mix well. Any advice you guys have on which would be better or the differences between mesh and textile jackets would be great. Thanks
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Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:15 pm

It really depends on what temperatures you are riding at and how much versatility you will need. Are you riding at 40 degrees in the morning and then 80 degrees in the afternoon or is it always going to be warm above 70. In my opinion Textile jackets have a much greater versatility over mesh jackets and also would offer a little more protection. There are so many things to consider and so many jackets. I purchased a FirstGear jacket for the winter months and have been quite impressed with its versatility. It is good at around freezing temps with a couple insulating layers under it and if I take the liner out it has a nice venting system. It is the FirstGear Jaunt see the "Jackets" topic in the "Gear" forum.

For midrange temperatures 65-80 degrees really any jacket works pretty well you would just have to take in style for your consideration. Do you like sport leathers? Or Textiles? Adventure Style? Or Street Styling? Just questions you should ask yourself. They will all feel good and have a comfortable feel in these temps. I have a Shift jacket that I wear basically cause I like the style. It is also pictured in the Jackets topic. But my Jaunt has features such as pockets in different places and a full liner in case the temps drop below 60.

For really warm temps 85 and up. Mesh jackets are bout the closest you can get to staying comfortable but at high temps not much is going to keep you cool. But I still wouldnt ride without a jacket just my opinion. Id feel so stupid if I was in the hospital with road rash all over me and someone asks why werent you wearing protective clothing."oh it was hot out" Id feel ridiculous. Just :twocents: there.

I wear my Shift Jacket in high temps and it works ok. But like I said at High temps you cant get away from the heat. The only things I would throw in to consideration for a mid range to high temp jacket is that the jacket should be light colored white would be nice for high temps and visibility. And that the neck is not a full neck. It is much more comfy in higher temperatures if the neck is low cut. This is not a low neck. Good for low temps but sucks at temps above 65.

Heres a mesh FirstGear jacket the Rush: (They also have the same jacket in textile instead of 250 denier mesh I believe its 600 denier textile)
These are all just opinions and a jacket is a really personalized Piece of Equipment, thats why theres so many of them. I liked my FirstGear Jaunt so thats why there is mention to FirstGear stuff. Just search around check out a lot of jackets and have fun with it.
Heres the Jackets topic.
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