Fieldsheer Riding Pants - Stay or Go?

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One of the Regulars
One of the Regulars
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Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:20 am

So I ordered and received these pants from Bike Bandit:


I was wearing your standard yellow rubber pants for rain gear, but they developed a hole in the crotch, so they'll no longer do.

I ordered XXL,a size bigger than normal, as most reviewers had. Being a short guy (5'6"), there was ample length but the inseam itself rides high/tight, and the back of the pants seem like they ride low (I'm sure this in no way has anything to do with my body composition ;) ). The back of the pants are even with my jeans in reality, but in a rain situation, I feel they might be too low.

I wore them to work this a.m. for the first time (nice, dry, cold weather. Didn't want to ride in the rain yet in case I send them back). They kept my legs warm enough and it was comforting knowing the knee pads were there. Despite their length, they didn't interfere or fall below my boots.

There's no provisions to zip the pants into my mesh jacket (no biggie) and there are belt loops (which I won't need).

I know they're slip on pants, not specifically "rain pants", but I'm worried that I'll grow to hate them and will be wasting money. I'm looking for opinions and options from those more experienced gear wearers out there.
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Lookin' Around
Lookin' Around
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Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:02 am

My husband got a pair of these and he loves them. I know they are a little expensive but they work. They are waterproof and they have insulation to keep you warm, that can be taken out if need be. They look warm! If he could he would buy another pair! ... =SLIsearch
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