Stumble/All Hell/Destruction Noises in 2nd Gear

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Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:15 am

Hi everybody

So I don't come on here much these days, as I mentioned to someone once I only really frequent the forums when I have a problem with my bike.
Well, I'm here aren't I?

Problem: When rolling on to 2nd gear, there is a skipping/mechanical hell sound that sounds like a skipping chain, sounds like the motor is about to eat itself, and the bike hesitates and chokes and doesn't like it. :cry:

This doesn't happen: In any other gear than 2nd, and if I roll on veeerrrry verrrry slowly into 2nd gear. It'll still do it if I'm not careful.

Recently: replaced the chain - this was happening before that - and replaced the plugs - again, this was happening before that, too.

What are my likely problems here? I have been commuting on the bike and skipping 2nd gear completely out of fear. Are my carbs just sync'd like @$$ or is this more likely a mechanical issue (i.e. transmission-related, bad sprocket, bad ????)?

I'll try to get a video of it happening, but I've been busy lately so instead of being able to deal with it, I've pretty much parked the bike.

Thanks y'all

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Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:01 am

It is possible that you have damaged second gear. I can't recall any instances of gear-train failure with the exception of shift fork wear. What happens if you apply some pressure, either upward or downward on the shift lever when its happening (without shifting to the next gear)?

Also, maybe pull the clutch cover and check out the shift linkage and primary nut. Both are known (very occasionally) to loosen. If your primary nut comes off, it'd make a racket (though likely in all gears including idle). If the shift star or its retainer came loose, it might scrub the clutch basket in 2nd gear as that one applies an left-right force on the shaft). Actually, I think that might be the most-likely scenario. I'd start there.

Second gear might put enough load on the engine that a carburetion issue presents itself however that doesn't sound right to me.

This is what the shift mechanism looks like, behind the clutch. If that screw or the torx fastener came loose, it'd sound like hell.


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