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New to XJR
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Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:09 pm

Hey all, recently fixed the clutch rattle. Put everything back together and I still have what sounds like the same rattle. Took it back apart and confirmed that the pin was tight and the gear wasn't loose. Put everything back together along with new clutch disks and torqued everything according to my clymer manual. Rattle still there. Any idea of what it could be? Rattle will go away for the most part with the clutch handle in. Thank you
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Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:58 am

You commonly hear that the noise is caused by clutch rattle but that's not entirely accurate. There are four causes of that noise heard at idle and oil pump drive gear noise is at the bottom:
  1. Carb synchronization - this has to be spot on or it makes noise as the pistons/crankshaft have force applied differently.
  2. Carburetor pilot screws mis-adjusted - this causes each cylinder to fire differently and results in noise at idle, similarly to carb synchronization.
  3. Gearbox wear - as the shift forks and the gear teeth wear, the tolerances increase. This allows the shift forks, synchronizers and gears to move around as the engine idles (albeit a small bit) resulting in noise.
  4. Oil pump drive gear - you already went after that.
Start with a very thorough and accurate synchronization of the carbs, then set the pilot screws consistently, then change the oil to a heavier weight (temperature appropriate, of course) and see how your idle sounds.
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