Yamaha XJ 600 1985 - trouble starting it, high idle etc

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Re: Yamaha XJ 600 1985 - trouble starting it, high idle etc

Post by YamahaXJ600 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:28 am

Hey guys, reusing my post for almost same problem. I have cleaned the carbs a few times and replaced some screws, rubber intake and hoses. My only problem now with the bike is that after it gets warm the idle goes up to 3000 rpm when i stop. If i let go of the clutch with gear in then it drops but only at the "drag" point. If i turn off the bike and let it cool for 1 min and start then the idle is low again. Maybe this is normal? Im guessing that the carbs isnt synced correctly. I have synced the valves as good as i could.. The air pilot screws are 2,5 turns from seated.

Where should i begin for troubleshooting? The air filter? The air screws? the membrane?

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