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Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:09 pm

Please don't start a new thread asking how! It may be deleted!

There's been a growing interest in converting XJ600s to naked bikes or streetfighters. This results in a lot of new threads being posted asking for directions on how to go about it, what the best gauges are, what the best headlights are, etc. The new threads clog up the boards with the same advice being dispensed in each one: use the search function, look at the threads already devoted to naked conversion, and do some research first.

Here is a list of threads that several of our users have created and contributed to. Please read them thoroughly.
How To: XJ600 & Seca II Naked Headlamp Conversion
Considerations for Naked Conversion on XJ600 & SecaII
Gauges for Naked Conversion
Naked Conversion Headlamp Brackets

Users' Personal Project Threads - These may be long, but they are dense in information and have pictures of us each going through the same procedures. It's not a complete list, just a few of our well-done ones. For those of you that are maintaining naked project threads, PM me or another moderator if you'd like yours included.

Ride92's Project Sonar
Drapheus' 1995 Rejuvenation
fateddy's 1996 Restoration Thread
radare's 1992 - Short Version
Trialsstar34's Project Bumblebee
NelsonMD's 1992 Project
wzc0014's Project

After or in conjunction with reading those helpful threads, use the forum's search function. There's a box in the upper right-hand corner of the board that's always there, no matter where you are in the forum. It looks like this:

There's another search function on the control bar toward the top of the page below the main banner. It looks like this:

Keywords like "naked," "streetfighter," "cafe," and "conversion" may be good places to start. Searching these terms will bring up every single post in the forum in existence containing those words. The advanced search option will help you restrict that to posts in, for example, the Projects or Maintenance and Upgrades threads.

Thank you for helping us keep the clutter down and the shiny side up.
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