Radare's All-Inclusive Seca II Torque Specs

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Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:05 pm

US Model, XJ600 and Seca II, Torque Specs:
These are the factory torque specs for anything I could find a torque listed for. You can also download a text file with this information.

If you find an error, please post the correct torque and I'll get the list fixed.

Tune-Up Items:
  • Oil Drain Plug: 31 ft-lbs
    Oil Filter: 100 in-lbs
    Spark Plugs: 108 in-lbs
    Exhaust pipe flange nuts: 132 in-lbs
    Steering head bearing ring nut: 37 ft-lbs to seat and then 156 in-lbs
    Valve cover bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Fork caps: 17 ft-lbs

Engine, Clutch and Gearbox:
  • Cam chain tensioner cap bolt: 168 in-lbs
    Cam chain tensioner mounting bolts: 86 in-lbs

    Camshaft bearing cap bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Camshaft sprocket bolts: 17 ft-lbs

    Clutch boss nut: 50 ft-lbs
    Clutch cover mounting bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Clutch pressure plate bolts: 70 in-lbs

    Connecting rod cap nuts: 18 ft-lbs

    Crankcase bolts: 17 ft-lbs
    Crankcase plugs (M10): 105 in-lbs

    Cylinder block to crankcase nut: 168 in-lbs
    Cylinder block to cylinder head nuts: 86 in-lbs

    Cylinder head cap nuts: 16 ft-lbs

    Engine Mount bolts:
    • Front: 43 ft-lbs
      Rear: 64 ft-lbs
    Oil-Filter adapter bolt: 36 ft-lbs
    Oil pan mounting bolts - 86 in-lbs
    Oil pick-up mounting bolts: 86 in-lbs

    Oil pump assembly screws: 61 in-lbs
    Oil pump mounting screws: 61 in-lbs
    Oil pump screws: 61 in-lbs

    Primary drive gear nut: 36 ft-lbs

    Shift cam retaining plate screws: 61 in-lbs
    Shift cam stopper screw: 16 ft-lbs

    Shift lever pinch bolt: 86 in-lbs
    Shift pedal linkage locknuts: 86 in-lbs

    Starter chain guide bolts: 70 in-lbs
    Starter Chain tensioner bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Starter clutch Allen bolts: 18 ft-lbs

    Valve cover bolts: 86 in-lbs

Fuel & Exhaust Systems:
  • Exhaust pipe flange nuts: 132 in-lbs
    Exhaust pipe nuts: 168 in-lbs

    Muffler bolts:
    • M8 in size: 168 in-lbs
      M10 in size: 18 ft-lbs
    Exhaust pipe joint bolts: 168 in-lbs

    Carburetor heater thermoswitch (if equipped): 124 in-lbs

Ignition System:
  • Pick-up coil plate securing screws: 70 in-lbs
    Timing rotor bolt: 32 ft-lbs
    Signal generator cover screws: 86 in-lbs

Frame, Suspension & Final Drive:
  • Front Forks:
    • Cap bolt to fork: 17 ft-lbs
      Damper rod bolt: 22 ft-bs
    Handlebars & Steering Stem:
    • Upper triple clamp bolts: 17 ft-lbs
      Lower triple calmp bolts: 27 ft-lbs
      Handlebar bracket bolts (mounting bolts): 17 ft-lbs
      Handlebar end-weights: 19 ft-lbs
      Steering stem nut: 80 ft-lbs
      Steering headset bearing ring nut: 37 ft-lbs to seat and then 156 in-lbs
    Rear shock absorber bolts and nuts: 46 ft-lbs
    Swingarm pivot shaft nut: 66 ft-lbs

    Drive chain front sprocket nut: 80 ft-lbs
    Drive chain rear sprocket nuts: 43 ft-lbs
    Engine sprocket cover bolts: 86 in-lbs

Brakes, Wheels & Tires:
  • Caliper bracket mounting bolts: 25 ft-lbs
    Front caliper bracket Allen bolt: 17 ft-lbs
    Rear caliper pad retaining bolts: 86 in-lbs

    Front axle: 43 ft-lbs
    Front axle pinch bolts: 168 in-lbs

    Brake disc mounting bolts: 168 in-lbs
    Union bolts (banjo fittings on caliper & master): 22 ft-lbs

    Master cylinder mounting bolts:
    • Front: 78 in-lbs
      Rear: 17 ft-lbs
    Rear axle nut: 75 ft-lbs
    Torque link bolts and nuts ('92 to '96 model): 22 ft-lbs
    Torque link bolts and nuts (97+ model): 17 ft-lbs

Electrical System:
  • Neutral switch screws: 35 in-lbs (use loctite on these threads)

    • Rotor bolt: 58 ft-lbs
      Cover Allen bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Starter mounting bolts: 86 in-lbs
    Regulator/Rectifier Allen bolts: 61 in-lbs
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:53 pm

you're an information whore. :grins:
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:32 pm

Thanks for doing this kind of stuff. makes it easy to have it all in one place.
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Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:21 pm

Perfect Timing! This is gold!
Wall sticky recommended!
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