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Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:11 am

I do not want to buy tires twice. I see some threads on switching out wheels and i believe its so you can get a bigger tire on. Should I do this swap before I get tires, that way I do not need to get another set of tires later on?

Im looking for a house right now with garage to buy so hopefully within a few months I will have a designated space to work. Ill will for sure hit you up for some help man when it comes time! What are your plans for your 4runner? Before my cruiser I had a green third gen.
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Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:21 am

Ah, I see, you are looking at long term plans here then. AS far as the tires go, 120FR and 140RR will fit the stock rim no problem. If you really want bigger than that, then you do need to get a new rim, but I think you start running into problems fitting the tire in the swingarm. 150 fits the swingarm, but I am not sure about 160. 160 is definitely WAY to big for the 3.5" rim though.

No big plans for the 4runner other than to make it run like swiss watch because it is my DD. The current project is rust cleanup on the front end (mainly, the knuckles, UCA/LCA's, etc). I bought some new knuckles and UCA's off a wrecked runner with little rust, so I am POR-15 ing the new parts, then swapping them out onto my rig. At the same time I am upgrading the brakes to 231mm Tundra brakes.
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