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Sun May 01, 2016 10:31 pm

While riding out to check on the first two clues for the XJRider Treasure Hunt, it occurred to me: It could be fun to place some XJRider specific caches out in the world for you all to find for the fun of it. Since we have members in many of the states, we could end up having XJRider caches hidden all over and they could help spur ideas for riding. More specifically, each of us could place one along our favorite route or at our favorite place, so that others could visit those places and enjoy the experiences.

When I hid the treasure-hunt clues, I hid them in some small $0.88 containers from Walmart. They were small, water proof, and easy to hide. I could buy a whole bunch, add logos and put them in the mail to you all to hide. Then all you'd need is a GPS device to properly locate them.

Talking with my wife about the idea, she thought it'd be fun to include some movable caches in the mix. Caches that could be moved from location to location by members. So if you found one, you could take it with you and hide it somewhere else.

If you all think it a good idea, I'd recommend following the guides used by for placing caches and maintaining caches (since they do a lot of it). I'd also think it'd be a good idea to keep them private caches, only listed on XJR.

What do you all think? If we had several (dozens of, maybe hundreds of) small XJRider specific geocaches placed out in the world, in places that other riders found enjoyable, would you find fun in riding out to find them?
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One of the Regulars
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Wed May 04, 2016 9:08 pm

I really like the idea, Radare!

I've done some geocaching before with Boy Scouts and my brother and have always had fun; it's like a mini treasure hunt, especially when they are tricky to find! Hopefully there's some more interest!
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