'92 Seca II "Scarlett" - Disaster..

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Re: '92 Seca II "Scarlett" - Disaster..

Post by Scape » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:43 pm

I took her for a ride. The first real ride.

My bike was boggy and just not tuned correctly.
I tried using a cheap O2 and gauge and it just didn't work. So my bike was parked and left for the last few weeks.

I was out of town and my brother told me to come home, That he had something for me.
I came back and opened the box and it was a Wide band kit.

So, What did I do all day?

Well, I fixed the A/F on all 4 carbs, got it as close to 13.8ish as possible. Also, Synced all 4 carbs together.

After that, I took her for a ride. Last time I went for a ride I ended up dumping it.
So, I was kind of scared. I rode around a cul-de-sac for a while just getting used to braking and shifting.

I started adventuring, but nothing crazy. I went to the town over, rode around and stopped for gas. I had a gentleman come over and ask about my bike, which was pretty cool to me.

I drove about 40 mins away to LaCrosse. Met up with my family and followed them back.

I went out again later this evening and found a group of bikes in a parking lot. Pulled up and got to chat with them.
No one seemed to know that a "Seca II" existed. So, I got the chance to talk about my bike, all the work I've done and such.

So today was a lot of fun.

The only thing is: I have yet to get used to riding at faster speeds (55mph+)
I don't know if it was just super windy or what. I felt like the wind was going to blow me over and I was kinda nervous.
The wind kind of was giving me a little sway here and there, and I didn't like it.

Any tips?

Here's a few pictures. I tried to find a #65 sign to keep the counting thread going, but failed.


Here's a video my family took as I rode home. Potato quality, I know. I'm sorry. https://video.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xap1 ... e=571452E1

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Lookin' Around
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Re: '92 Seca II "Scarlett" - Disaster..

Post by Michaelphilip » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:49 am

I dumped my bike the same way except someone slammed on their brakes in front of me and i grabbed a littleto much front and washed out same faring scrapes on the same side i didn't have engine gaurds so me covers got scuffed but before that mune was clean too i was more upset i messed my bike up than getting hurt so i just converted mine to a naked bike i tryed to attach a pic but it said it was to large ill edit them and post them
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